PV Desk : State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain  underscored the need for technology based land related services to save time and energy of the people.

“People often face delays and harassment while collecting Khatiyan. They can get services easily, sometimes even within a day with the help of technological assistance,” he said while speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural function of the ‘Meherpur District Revenue Conference-2020’ and service facilitation program organized by the Meherpur district administration here.

“There is no alternative to technology in facilitating land services. The range of technology in various fields of land service will have to be further increased,” he said.

Addressing all the government employees concerned with the land services, he said that the people should not be harassed in the land office and land disputes need to be resolved expeditiously.

Stating that the current government under the dynamic leadership of PM Sheikh Hasina, is working to build a digital Bangladesh, he said, “The use of digital technology in various fields of land service is already confirmed. Digitization will be done in other fields including land survey in future.”

Edited By-SPT