Amir Allama Muhibbullah Babunagari

PV Online Report :  Amir Allama Muhibbullah Babunagari of Hefazte Islam Bangladesh has been admitted to the hospital due to illness. He was admitted to the private National Hospital in Chittagong on Thursday (September 29).

Maulana Muhiuddin Rabbani, publicity secretary of Hefazte Islam Bangladesh, confirmed the matter on Friday (September 30). He said, Allama Muhibbullah Babunagari is suffering from various physical ailments. On Thursday suddenly felt stomach pain.

Later, according to the doctor’s advice, he was admitted to Chittagong National Hospital. Various tests have been done. Details will be known after the report. At this time, Allama Muhibbullah asked the countrymen to pray for the health of Babu Nagari.

Edited By-SPT