PV Online Report : Sitakunda’s BM depot is burning, people are dying. People of the whole country are crying. The people of Chattla have never seen such a terrible fire before. After three months, BM Depot has appeared in a new form with all kinds of security management and modern facilities. This is another example of turning around from the ruins. Installation of modern fire system for fire safety of depot, construction of new building, purchase of modern equipment for container lifting, water tank with capacity of 300,000 gallons is being built inside the depot.
Also, ‘Foam Fire System’ has been developed to control the fire of the depot. Through the system, the entire shade of two lakh 86 thousand square feet can be foamed in just 19 minutes. The depot authorities are investing about 150 crore rupees in the modernization of this new depot. Nine licenses have already been taken for the operation of the depot. The concerned parties expect to open the depot in the middle of next January. A three-storey office building is being constructed under the new layout as seen around the depot.
A three lakh gallon reserve water tank is being installed for automatic fire control. The fire system consisting of three fire pumps is in operation. The shed which was not damaged in the accident as well as the shed which was damaged by the fire is being double storeyed in a new style. Separate sheds are being constructed for storing food products. Keeping the future in mind, a special shed for dangerous goods of 12,000 square feet is being constructed. The fire foam system under construction will automatically signal the fire.
Line Crossing Detection System is being introduced in border wall security. In this system, if someone wants to cross the border wall, the message will be automatically delivered. Also initiatives have been taken to launch container and cargo trucking system. When the system is launched, the information about the container cargo will be stored in the depot. Even if the container is in the Mediterranean, this system will know the information.
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