PV Online Report : “Your unlimited support will strengthen our path” said the winning footballer Rituparna Chakma.
Chittagong: I am proud to be a Chittagong resident. After many days I came to Chittagong city.

I feel very happy. Special thanks to Dainik Azadi authorities for giving us a nice royal welcome. Actually what to say! I have no words to say. We are very happy to attend this event.
As dear Chattala is by our side now, may he be by our side in the future also. In this way, encourage us from the side and pray that we can bring Bangladesh to a better success. Your unlimited support will strengthen our future path.

In response to the reception in Chittagong on Wednesday (September 28), the winning footballer Rituparna Chakma said these things. Rupana Chakma of Rangamati, Monika Chakma of Khagrachari district and twin sisters Anai Mugini and Anuching Mugini were present with him in the reception titled ‘Anrar Maiya, Anarar Garb’.

Under the chairmanship of the Daily Azadi Editor MA Malek, Chittagong Divisional Commissioner Ashraf Uddin, Chittagong Metropolitan Police Commissioner Krishna Pada Roy, City Awami League General Secretary AJM Nashir Uddin, former Chairman of Chittagong Development Authority Abduch Chalam, former Lion District Governor Kamrun Malek, Azadi Management Editor Wahid Malek, Chief Reporter Hasan Akbar and Jamalkhan Ward Councilor Shaibal Das Sumon etc were present on the occasion.

On the occasion, 5 heroines were presented with a check of 1 lakh taka and a beautiful dinner set by the Azadi. Apart from this, Ma O Shishu Hospital announced free treatment for them for life.

Azadi editor MA Malek said the Daily Azadi is the mouthpiece of Chittagong. This reception is organized out of a sense of responsibility. Others will be encouraged by watching the show ‘Anar Maia, Anar Garb’.

The speakers said that the girls who won the victory have brightened the face of red-green Bangladesh. They have a long way to go.

After the ceremony, the victorious women footballers left for Rangamati.

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