PV Online Report : Bangladesh Railway Sramik League Central Committee organized a protest march and rally to demand the implementation of 10 points.
A protest march and assembly program was held at Chittagong railway station on Tuesday (September 27) night. All the central leaders of Chittagong and other leaders including branch president-editor participated in the program. Speakers in the rally said, we have to accept the 10-point demand.
Otherwise, I will be forced to go to a drastic movement. There is no alternative to agitation to uphold workers’ rights. During the current labor-friendly government led by honorable Prime Minister Jannetri Sheikh Hasina, we could never have thought that our rights would be taken away or that we would have to go to the struggle. Memorandum or call for discussion, we have done all the steps but no solution has come. Now our backs are against the wall. Therefore Bangladesh Railway Sramik League announced 10 point program. I urge you to accept these 10 points immediately.