Ctg Port earns over two lakh taka from 1st transshipment

PV Online Report : A transit consignment using Chittagong Port reached Assam, India via Sheola, Sylhet by road from Kolkata to Chittagong Port a week ago. This consignment of one container contained 25 tons of steel bars.

Bangladesh has earned a total of more than 2 lakh 12 thousand taka in this experimental shipment. This income includes shipping agents, C&F agents, freight and trailer hire among three government agencies—Chittagong Port, Customs, Roads and Highways Department—and the private sector. Transit-Transshipment There is no customs duty levied anywhere in the world for the use of ports for the transportation of goods.

However, various fees or charges are charged for using the infrastructure of that country. Accordingly, a fee has already been fixed for experimental transportation of Indian transit goods using Chittagong Port and Mongla Port. Bangladesh-India two countries will determine the final fee after removing the errors after the trial shipment.

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