1st wind turbine turns at EPZ

10 megawatts of electricity can be produced annually

PV Online Report : In this time of power crisis, Midas Safety Bangladesh Limited, a multinational company manufacturing industrial gloves, has shown a new way of running factories using renewable energy. The country’s first private sector wind turbines have been installed in this factory, built along the shores of the Bay of Bengal in CEPZ.

The wind turbine was put into operation on a trial basis last Friday. The power generated from the windmill will be officially supplied to the factory next Thursday. Those concerned said – Midas authorities have adopted a plan to produce electricity with solar panels as well as wind turbines (biocoal) to keep the factory running in full swing despite the ongoing power crisis in the country. For this, the company bought a 450 kg wind turbine from China’s Jiangsu Naira Wind Power Technology last May. It arrived at the factory last week.

After that, the work of setting up the windmill was started. The wind turbine was commissioned for the first time last Friday. The capacity of this wind turbine installed at a cost of about 7 thousand US dollars is 3 kW. 10 megawatts of electricity can be produced annually from wind turbines using wind. The 20 feet height and 7 feet diameter windmill has 5 blades. The length of each fan is 3.6 meters. If these fans rotate in the air, electricity will be generated. It will then go to the factory grid through wind power grid tied inverters. Midas authorities have plans to install 10 more such wind turbines.

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