PV Online Report : In Gumaibil, which is known as the country’s ‘two-and-a-half-day grain storehouse’, aman cultivation has started late, but the land is falling apart due to lack of water. To cultivate Aman, the farmers look to the month of Ashar in the hope of rain in cats and dogs. Aman can be cultivated easily in rain water. But this time in Asharh month that situation did not arise.

Shravana month has also ended. But there was not enough rain. Vadra month is going on now. Aman cultivation has not been widespread in Gumaibil due to lack of rainwater. Planting was completed last week despite lack of water. Currently, drought conditions have occurred. The land is drying up. Farmers fear that they will not get the Aman yield as expected.

They spend their days in anxiety. Rangunia Agriculture Office Plant Assistant Officer Ramiz Uddin said that the farmers did not see the rain at the right time for seeding in Aman cultivation. Even after planting seedlings in the land, there is not enough rain. It has dried up the land.

Transplanted seedlings are not growing. Seedlings are dying in many places. We are providing various assistance to the farmers at the field level. If there are heavy rains, Aman cultivation will come back to life in Rangunia.

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