PV Online Report : Cultural activists from all walks of life in Chittagong have rallied to demand an increase in the allocation for the culture sector and a six-point demand for a united cultural alliance.

The rally was held on Saturday  at the corner of Cheragi hill in the city. At that time, the artists demanded to allocate at least 1 percent in the culture sector. Speaking as the chief guest at the meeting, Professor AQM Sirajul Islam said culture is the lifeblood of a nation. Investment in this sector is the future investment of non-communal prosperous Bangladesh. Development projects worth thousands of crores of rupees are needed, just as cultural development is needed first to build a modern developed country. And for this, government patronage is very important.

The allocation given in the budget for the culture sector is very inadequate considering the population of the country. If the cultural foundation is not laid, future generations will not be able to properly hold the spirit of patriotism and freedom in their hearts. So the allocation in the culture sector must be increased.

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