PV Lifestyle Desk : Caring for your skin is important because more often than not, it is the skin that lets you know if something is wrong in the body.

Most people, who have sensitive skin, scrub or exfoliate their face from time to time, so as to get rid of the excess of oil from the face and remove the dead skin cells. While exfoliation is a good skin care habit to have, there are some simple rules that one should follow, without which the skin may be harmed. Here are some of them; read on.

Always use the right kind of exfoliator. Every skin type is different, and you need to figure out what works best for you. Choose one that suits your skin type, and does not cause any kind of irritation. If you have excessively oily skin, use a gel scrub. If your skin is dry, use a cream scrub. For those who have sensitive skin, a gentle scrub without any microbeads can work wonders.

While there is no fixed rule as to when you should scrub your face, it is advisable that you do it at night. It is always wise to pay a lot of attention to your night-time routine, because the skin has a tendency to stay active at night — it is the time when it repairs itself, secretes oil, etc. Among other things, you should also be scrubbing your face at night before you go to bed. Make sure you apply a moisturizer right after.

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